Nithin Reddy

Nithin Reddy is a researcher and graduate student in Mechanical Engineering at MIT.  His research interests are in investigating new applications for RFID-based sensing and low power photovoltaics for Indoor Internet of Things (IoT) devices. He received his masters from The Pennsylvania State University in 2016 and bachelors from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India in 2013. During his masters, he designed various lightweight components using topology optimization and metal additive manufacturing for real-world applications. He has also worked with ITC Ltd., Indian major in fast moving consumer goods, as a manufacturing manager where helped setup a manufacturing plant in Bangalore for ITC's foods business. His past and current projects involve collaborations with researchers, physicians and engineers at MIT, Harvard, Mass General Hospital, Schlumberger, Volvo, 3D printing startups, Sculptprint, VTech, Georgia Tech, Applied Research Laboratory (Penn State). Outside the lab he likes chess, travel and movies.

Email:nithin ['at']